Fr. Jim Mulroney interviews fellow Columban priests, sisters and lay missionaries. His guests give their perspective on how they became missionaries, and the countries and missions where they live and work. The videos were produced by the St. Columbans Mission Society in Australia.


Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Fr. Bernard McDermott who is from Britain and had worked in Philippines, Taiwan, Australia and the UK as a Columban missionary.


Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Columban Fr. Donal O’Keeffe who has been honored as ‘Immigrant of the Year’ early this year by the Korean State in recognition of his 40 years of dedication to supporting the marginalized in Korean society.

In this episode, we feature Columbans and formation students in the Philippines. They share their vocational stories, experiences and challenges of studying and working on missions during COVID.

Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Fr. John Burger who is finishing his second stint as Columban Regional Director for the United States.

In this episode, Fr. Cathal Gallagher and Fr. John Boles, who are on mission in Peru, speak about the changes encountered to their everyday life during COVID, new systems they have adapted to and programs they have developed to continue supporting the people they serve.

Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Fr. Euikyun Carlo Jung who is a Columban missionary from South Korea currently working in Fiji.

Fr. Thomas Rouse is the Columban leader in New Zealand. He was ordained and was appointed to Fiji in 1976, where he spent most of his missionary life. In 2014, he was appointed Mission Coordinator of St. Columbans, Lower Hutt, in New Zealand.

Fr. Jason Antiquera is a Columban missionary from the Philippines who is working in Korea. In this episode of Meet a Columban, Fr. Jason speaks to Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney about his priesthood and his Art Ministry, which shares the mission of God and the Gospel of joy through arts.

Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Columban Fr. Gary Walker, who currently lives at the Columban house in Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia. They speak about his experience of being assigned to the mission in Jamaica. Fr. Gary had previously served as the editor of the Far East Magazine and Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand.

Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney speaks with Columban Fr. Don Hornsey who worked in Chile, Brazil and Peru for more than 40 years. He is currently based in Aotearoa, New Zealand.