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Stories from Columban Missions

A mosque silhouetted against a setting sun

Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to Iraq in the midst of the pandemic as a Pilgrim Penitent and as a Pilgrim of Peace put me thinking. Age and…

Prayer group circle
A Faithful Follower of God

When I was young, my family was not religious or active in the parish. My father had a different belief and hated the Catholic faith, especially…

Solitary person standing on a hillside near a park bench
A Life Unlike Our Own

The world faced devastation during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have died, and many others have suffered and continue…

Teacher reading to school children
Seeds of Hope

“Education for our children, we have to teach our children.” This was the message that we heard at our discussion about supporting the Church in…

Mr. Zwang and his students
The Village School Teacher

“Wa Jau ngai hpe hkan ya rit.” “Father come and follow me.

Camilla Hall

Recently I found myself really enjoying catching up on developments in the Columban world. I realized I had not been contributing anything about…

Mural of Jesus
Creating Bridges

There are no accidents. Twin brothers Kevin and Peter O’Neill were born on 23 November, the feast of St Columban, in 1962. In 1962, their parents…

Irma on mission with friends in Peru
Life Is a Mission

I am Irma Lara Cantago, a Columban lay missionary for many years. A high school teacher by profession, I was teaching for fifteen years and at the…

Diary - In So Many Words
Listening and Mission

Over a hundred years ago, a small group of Irish priests working in China decided they needed to listen to what God wanted them to do. These men…