Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

Columban Fr. Tomas King prays with parish membersAs I think about the work of Columban missionaries in 2022, the image from the Gospel that sprang to mind was that of a mustard seed, which Jesus compared to the reign of God. Even though it is the smallest of all seeds, it grows mysteriously into a very large plant and welcomes birds that wish to make nests in its branches.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, Columban missionaries were able to sow and water, to tend and care for parishes, programs and projects across our world. While many of them started out like tiny mustard seeds, with God’s grace and guidance they have continued to flourish.

The 2022 Annual Report highlights the mission work and achievements of the Missionary Society of St. Columban for the financial year ending March 31, 2022.  

A we continue to care for God's Great Garden, our mission throughout the world remains to build bridges and foster mutual understanding through encounters with people of other cultures and religious traditions, as well as to promote healing, reconciliation and peace. Moreover, our commitment to live in solidarity with people on the margins of our world, and to care for the earth, our common home, are ways in which we participate in God’s mission. Our proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus leads us into a deeper awareness of God’s presence and action throughout our world, which leads us into a deeper communion with the Trinity