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Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Lay missionary holding a globe during a marchAs I reflected on Columban mission during this past year, I was struck by the multiple cords of concern and collaboration that stretch across our world, bringing help, healing and hope to those who are bruised and crushed.

Columbans in Japan provide a bridge for the Japanese people to express their compassion for the people of Pakistan, who continue to suffer greatly because of devastating floods last year. Burmese migrants in a remote island in Scotland remain faithful in channelling their compassion through the Columbans to suffering people, not only in their home country, but across the globe. Caritas Chile and the Daughters of Charity work side by side with Columbans in ensuring that poor migrants from Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru can 
realize their dreams for a better future in Chile.

All our Columban benefactors and supporters continue to be an important part of this global network of solidarity. Through your compassion, generosity and prayers, the risen Christ embraces our world today. Please be assured that Columban Missionaries remember you and your loved ones in our Masses and prayers.