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Here are the latest stories from Columban priests and lay missionaries around the world working with the poor, homeless and those in need. You can find these stories in the current issue of Columban Mission magazine. New stories will be added each week.


By Frank Hoare

On Saturday July 23, 2022, Columban seminarians and their formator held two Come and See programs together in Fiji. The day long face-to-face program was conducted at the…


By Fr. Jason Antiquera

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, face-to-face Art Recollection was back in 2022! The first communities that got to pray and reflect on their faith life through visual…


By Fr. Frank Hoare

A Late Vocation


By Fr. Patrick Colgan

It has always struck me that the Fijian translation of Good Friday is simply and literally, “Day of Death.” No massaging, no theological euphemisms, just saying is “as it…

By Fr. Chris Saenz

My vocational road to missionary priesthood had many invitations, but one of the most important invitations to mission occurred near the end of my first year in the…


By Fr. Frank McKay

During my sixth year in the Columban seminary in Sydney, Australia, my classmates and I were asked where we would like to work after ordination.