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100 Points of Light - 1975


The January 1975 issue of Columban Mission, the official magazine of the Society, was an edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Columban, known as the Columban Sisters. 

Columban historians generally mark 1924 as the year of the beginning of the Sisters, because in September of that year the first postulants took their final vows as Columbans, under the leadership of Mother Finbarr Collins. 

But this first Columban Mission of 1975 was a look back on the half-century of charitable work by the Columban Sisters. From starting schools for Chinese and expatriates in Shanghai, to providing all manner of medical services in the Philippines, to establishing orphanages, clinics, and schools in Peru, Burma, Pakistan, and other countries, the January 1975 magazine detailed it all. 

The Columban Sisters could be proud of their 50 years of achievement, and, like the Columban Fathers, they were becoming increasingly international.