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Columban Seminarians in Chile

Columban Seminarians Hongseok Shim and "Joseph" Seong Yo-seob, who are both from Korea, talk about their life and work in Chile. Hongseok talks about the culture, language and economics of Chile, while Joseph givesa tour of the St. Mathias Parish chapels.

Hongseok Shim

Seminarian Hongseok Shim talks about his life in Chile, the culture, language and economic impact on the people he works with. (English with subtitles in Spanish and Korean)


"Joseph" Seong Yo-seob

Seminarian "Joseph" Seong Yo-seob gives us a tour of the chapels and surroundings of San Matias Parish and a glimpse of his daily life at St. Mathias Parish in Chile. (Korean with subtitles in English and Spanish)