Daily Prayer - Prayer for the Gift of Health & Blessings

Lord, I ask your blessing upon me at this time of illness, that you may bring good out of all my sufferings in mind, body, or soul. I ask your blessing and forgiveness for all the wrongdoings of my life in thought, word, and deed, all the good I have left undone, all the wounds that sin has left within the deepest parts of my being. Lord, in sincere sorrow for all these things, and any others, I ask you to forgive and heal me. I ask your blessing for all my loved ones, that you may send many graces, many helps, to my family and friends, to all those who have been good to me in any way in my journey through life. I also ask your blessing on those who have hurt me in life, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, those who have caused me anguish or bitterness, those who may have left scars on my personality. I ask you to bless them, and to give me a spirit of forgiveness. I also ask your blessing on all those I may have hurt at any time by actions or attitudes, all those I have offended in thought, word, or deed. I ask you now, Lord, to bless them all. Lord, I join my sufferings to yours, not for my sake only, or even for others, but most especially for your sake. You had to suffer for our sakes. May my suffering play its part in helping your love grow in our world Lord, I make this prayer with all the faith, all the hope, and all the love that I can bring to this moment as I ask for the gift of health and wholeness in mind, body and soul. Amen