Disaster Prayer for Puerto Rico

My dear sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico,

Columban Fr. Chris Saenz, Director U.S. Region
Fr. Chris Saenz

Columban missionaries are extraordinarily grateful for the years of missionary solidarity you have shared with us. With the recent hardships created by Hurricane Fiona, Columbans express once again, our longstanding solidarity with you throughout this crisis. Especially now, you will be ever-present in our daily Masses and prayers as we ask our Lord Jesus to protect you from further harm.

With faithful devotion, we also ask Our Lady of Divine Providence to move the hearts of those who have the ability to offer much needed assistance. May you receive the support and the resources you need to rebuild your lives and may God watch over every affected person and family. Columbans are united with all people of Puerto Rico in spirit and in mission. May God keep you safe.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Fr. Chris Saenz

Director │U.S. Region