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Warmi Huasi Project Videos

Warmi Huasi logoThese videos  show the work of the Warmi Huasi Project in Peru during 2021, the second year of the pandemic. 

They show how the Warmi Huasi team, along with the children and adolescents (C&As) adapted their way of working, to advance the wellbeing of the children in difficult circumstances and at the same time achieve the objectives of the Project.

Below are three videos of the work in San Benito, Carabayllo, each six minutes long. The work in Ayacucho is presented in one video of ten minutes duration.

Carabayllo (San Benito)

Children and adolescents actively participate in the development of their community.



The activities of the children and adolescents organizations (Committees) regarding their right to education, protection and development.



The work of two Parent Committees — The Community Health and Integral Environment Committee and the Committee for the Protection Against Violence of Children and Adolescents — is highlighted.


The work in the Province of Paucar del Sara Sara, Ayacucho features the activities of the children and adolescents, the work of the children and adolescents Committees, and the work of the Warmi Huasi team with school teachers and officials of the municipality.

Acronyms Used

Below is an explanation for acronyms used in the videos.

  • CEM: Centre of Emergency for Women, belongs to the Ministry of Women and Social Development. These Centers are based in most districts, where a team of social worker, lawyer and psychologist attend cases of family and or sexual violence.
  • DEMUNA: Municipal Human Rights Office for Children and Adolescents. These offices are based in various parts of a district, where a municipal worker attends cases of family and or sexual violence.
  • COMUDENNA: Multisectorial Committee for Rights of Children and Adolescents. This Committee includes representatives from the Ministries of Education, Health, Justice, Mujer and Social Development, as well as Police, Municipality and Civil Society representatives, including NGOs. The work of the Multisectorial Committee is to develop and carry out a Plan of Action in favor of C&As, each playing their respective parts in coordination with each other.
  • CCONNA: Consultative Council of Children and Adolescents to the Mayor of their District. Their role is to advise the Mayor, the Municipal Councilors and Municipal Heads of departments on the needs of C&As in the district and monitor the progress of decisions taken with regard to C&As.