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Here are the latest stories from Columban priests and lay missionaries around the world working with the poor, homeless and those in need. You can find these stories in the current issue of Columban Mission magazine. New stories will be added each week.


By Vida Hequilan

2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the Columban Lay Missionary (CLM) program.


By Marjorie Engcoy

The Sema Livelihood Program began as a recycling project for the interested women in the parish during the 2019 Season of Creation observation at St.


By Fr. John Boles

This was the scene when the first three intrepid Columbans arrived from Ireland in 1952 to start our mission in Lima. The words are those of one of this gallant band, an…


By Antonio Saulo Seeto

The pandemic impacted everyone; I saw it as a crisis, because it limited my experience in Peru.


By Iowane Najo

My name is Iowane Naio, a Columban seminarian from Fiji, doing my First Mission Assignment program in Lima, Peru, with the Columbans. I live in a multicultural and…


By Fr. Michael Hoban

In March 2020, I was enjoying the sabbatical program “Ministry to Ministers” at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas, when the program was suspended due to…


By Fr. Raymond Collier

I thought I’d share a few of my reflections with you concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. For me it has highlighted the vulnerability of humanity.

By Fr. John Burger

Have you ever thought about whether you have a philosophy of life? For most people it would probably sound pretentious to say you have one.