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June/July 2017


June 2017

By Fr. Shay Cullen

"Houses of Horror" is how one visitor described the centers where children are held illegally behind bars or in cages.


By Fr. Barry Cairns

Since first coming to Japan as a missionary 60 years ago I have had a cultural curiosity! It is still with me. It makes missionary life interesting.


By Sr. Virginia Mozo

One of my many blessings and opportunities as a missionary is to share the Joy of the Gospel.


By Fr. Kurt Zion Pala

"Abba, call me that," my host father responded when I asked him how I should call him. Abba is the Hindi (Indian) word for father.


By Theresa Lee

I met the Columban Fathers for the first time in my hometown, Seoul, during the summer of 1953. Korea was at war then.


Fr. Michael J. Hoban

Pope Francis continually reminds us that the Church is missionary and is called to reach out to the poor, to sinners, to unbelievers and to those who live on the margins…


By Fr. Felicano Fatu

My only contact with the Columbans before going to the seminary in Suva, Fiji, was when Columban Fr.


By Salustine Villalobos Mondragon

The Ai Jia Development Center was founded by the Hsinchu Catholic diocese in Taiwan to help and support mentally challenged adult students.


Fr. Timothy Mulroy

Audy was a bright-eyed, smiling three-month-old baby who arrived at church for her baptism in the arms of her proud father, Jason.


By Evanglelyn Gawason

My name is Evangelyn Gawason. My friends call me Vangie. I'm a Subanen.


Fr. Noel Connolly

Sociologists claim that one of the major problems in much of the world is that nowadays people only listen to, read of and converse with people who think the same as them…


By Fr. Tim Mulroy

I first encountered Tien in Tokyo. He had traveled there from Australia, while I had come from Ireland.


By Paulo Rabakewa

​Veidrala is located on the Northeast of Vitilevu under the province of Nakorotubu in Ra.