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June/July 2018

June/July 2018


June 2018

By Aminiasi Ruvawi

It started out like any other normal evening meal in the formation house in Fiji when we were informed we will be going to Peru for our FMA (First Mission Assignment).


By Fr. Neil Magill

If you are from a very poor family living in a remote village with no electricity, no running water and poor transportation, you might feel depressed and feel the world is…


By Fr. Donal McIlraith

Losana Ve'ehala of Tonga passed away unexpectedly at the Columban lay missionary house in Suva, Fiji, on Sunday, December 10, 2017. Tongan Fr.


By Fr. Donal McIlraith

It was a personal joy for me to attend the ordination of Pat Roland Visanti in Suva on St. Columban's Day 2017.


By Fr. Donal O'Keefe

Sanjeong Dong in Mokpo was both a parish and also the headquarters of the Columban mission in the southwest province of Chollanamdo in Korea in the 1940s.


By Joan Yaps

God calls us in unique and different ways. Before I became a Columban lay missionary, I was happy working in my diocese for nine years.


By Fr. John Boles

"When I left Peru to go to the Philippines, I wondered what I'd find there," observed Marisol Rojas, a former Columban Lay Missionary.


By Columban Lay Missionary Haiti Muller

As we celebrate the Columban Mission Society's centennial, Columban lay missionary Haiti Muller refl ects on her journey in the prison ministry where she gets inspiration…


By Fr Patrick Colgan

In mid-January 2018, I spent a few days with our Columban missionaries in the parish of Badin, Pakistan, before attending a meeting of our Columban missionaries living and…


By Fr. Donal McIlraith

Pat Visanti was born and raised a Methodist on the island of Rotuma. Rotuma is both an island and a nation.


By Fr. Tim Mulroy

Life begins at forty! That's what Fr. Tony Coney was about to discover as his plane touched down in Lima.


Fr. Bobby Gilmore

In the old world of European empires the mission of the church traveled with the expansive energy as it did previously in the age of trade routes and great migrations by…