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June/July 2020

June/July 2020


June 2020

By Hazel Angwani

I can still remember that feeling when I first applied to join the Columban lay missionaries. I was not certain of anything, but I definitely pushed myself for it. I was…


By Sr. Tammy Saberon

Sr. Tammy Saberon is a Filipina Columban missionary who ministered for many years in Hong Kong, and later in Myanmar.


By Fr. Patrick Colgan

One of the highlights of our week here in the Spiritual Year House is our visit to either the Prison Remand Facility in Suva or the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center also in…


By Fr. Frank Hoare

Seventy years ago, if a person wanted to become a Catholic they attended “convert classes.” A priest usually gave weekly talks on the important Catholic dogmas and the…


By Mary Ann T. Guial as told to Columban Sr. Bella

I am Mary Ann T. Guial, the youngest and only girl in our family. I have five brothers and the eldest died when he was in grade three. I was not yet born when he died. My…


By Mariana Waqa

Fr. Teakare Betero was ordained a Columban priest on Saturday November 30, 2019, the Feast of St. Andrew.


By Columban Fr. John Boles

I’ve recently returned to Peru after my sabbatical year, and have been able to see first-hand progress made during 2019.


By Columban Missionaries

"They came to Capernaum and, once inside the house, Jesus began to ask them, "What were you arguing about on the way?"


By Fr. John Burger

Sometimes a line of poetry or the words of a hymn can stay in our mind for many years. Something in the turn of phrase resonates in our heart.


By Fr. Patrick Raleigh

In 2019, I had the privilege of visiting our mission in Fiji where Columbans have ministered since 1952. Prior to visiting Fiji, I had read Fr. Frank Hoare’s account of…