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Dance with Me

dancer twirling

By A Columban Friend

I stand at the perimeter, never seen, never heard.
When I am noticed, they call me names:
Words of hate, words that condemn, they push me further into the margins.
They don’t see me…they perceive my presence and dismiss my being….
I shrink from the rejection and I lose my voice.

The darkness of isolation deplete what little air is left in my soul,
And I cry in desperation: I am here, see me, invite me, hear me, listen to my story and come to know me.

two people dancing In the dark silence, I hear a small voice: an invitation to come and be.
The voice strong and calm echoes in my soul 
Listening, I hear: Dance with me

A hand of Love reaches out and the voice says: “Remove your shoes.”
My shoes, no they are my comfort, my identity, they are molded to me, not my shoes!!
“Trust me, my child, remove your shoes and come to me.”
Haltingly, reluctantly, I slowly remove them: my comfort, my shield, my self-identity.
I move forward and take his hand

As I move closer, I recognize Him: the One who loves me before time, the One who died for my sins.
“Dance with me,”
The steps are unfamiliar and I hesitate.

“Dance with me, place your feet upon mine and learn the
Dance of Life.”
I gingerly place my feet upon His and we began to dance.

We twirl, we spin, we dip. At times, I am afraid that I am out of step with Him.
But he is there, guiding me, holding me, supporting me.

As I grow more comfortable with His dance, He whispers “There are those who still despise me, they call me names,
they scourge me and they kill me in the ill treatment of my sisters and brothers.”

“Don’t be afraid, my child, you are stronger that you know. You are clothed with the colors of the rainbow because
you are hope, you are joy and you have the promise of My love. You are all the colors I have created, all beautiful and unique.”

You have danced with me, you know me and now you are 
Dance with me,
Then dance with others so that they will have the opportunity to see you, to hear you, to know you and to love you.
Dance with me.