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God’s Love Uplifts Us

Prison Ministry in Taiwan

By Sunhee Maria Kim

Prison ministry was my personal choice. Before I made the decision to take on this ministry, I visited several other possible ministry placements and discussed their suitability with the lay mission leadership team. When I first visited Hsinchu Remand Prison for young offenders I felt strong compassion for them. In their expressions I saw a picture of myself in my own youth.

In my youth I, too, went astray. With my friends I drank alcohol and stayed out late at night. At that time, deep down, I was uncomfortable with myself and felt that something was missing. And then, at the end of my wanderings, I found God. It is my hope to introduce to these young people such a strong protector. It is because of my experience that I felt this attraction to be with the young people. This is why I chose this ministry.

Redemption is not a distant idea for me. It is the experience of becoming aware that God truly loves me. It is a great consolation to know that God is always with us. Every day God’s love will uplift us and make us laugh. This is my salvation. This is what I can share with others. This, I believe, is missionary work.

Columban lay missionary Sunhee Maria Kim lives and works in Taiwan.