Being Aware of the Signs of God's Love

Being aware of the signs of God's love

By Fr. Donald Hornsey

In Matthew 12: 38-42, the scribes and Pharisees tell Jesus that they want to see a sign from Him. He rebukes them and says that the only sign they will receive will be that of His resurrection.

God's LoveThe First Eucharistic Prayer for Children reminds us, in a wonderful way, of all the signs of God's love that we have received. ''We thank you for all that is beautiful in the world,'' and at the same time we lament all the ways that we have failed to care for your creation. ''We praise you for the earth and all the people who live on it,'' and at the same time we ask pardon for all the suffering cruelly inflicted on so many of your children. ''Father, you sent your Son Jesus, who gave his life for us,'' and we pray for all those people who have never heard of Jesus or who have not allowed him into their lives. ''He forgave sinners and taught us to forgive each other.''

You know how much we need to feel your forgiveness, Lord. ''You love us and you do great things for us, so in the mass, we sing Holy, holy, holy.'' May you be with us during each day, Lord, so that we may always be aware of the signs of your love that are all around us so that we may continue to praise you for them.

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