Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan

By Fr. Kevin O'Rourke

In Memory of Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan

Dust of snow,
a wind that chills to the bone,
pinched mourning faces,
collars raised, hats pulled low,
the shiver of death everywhere.
Cardinal Kim Suhwan
is lowered to his final resting place.

He brought forth simplicity,
a water simplicity that quickened
every root it touched.
He brought forth patience,
a medicament patience that salved
the wounds of the poor.
He brought forth compassion,
a loving compassion that embraced the world.
Simplicity, patience, compassion,
these three:
 timber for a master carpenter,
 clay for a master potter,
 the hub of a master priest’s wheel.
“If you bring forth what is inside,
what you bring forth will save.”

The late Columban Fr. Kevin O’Rourke wrote this poem while missioned in South Korea.

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