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God Is With Us

In March 2013, Columban Fr. Bobby Gilmore wrote this letter to his niece Sarah and her husband Rob when he found out that Annabel Grace was born with Cystic Fibrosis.

Dear Rob and Sarah,

Just got the news about Annabel Grace and I said, God, why Annabel Grace? And God said, €œLeave that to Annabel Grace and Me.€

Then, I said, €œGod, why Rob and Sarah?€

And God said, €œWhy not Rob and Sarah and Me?€

And then I said, €œGod, why us Gilmores and Murphys?€

And God said, €œwhy not us?€

Then God said, €œBe patient, we are all on a voyage of discovery with Annabel Grace, Rob and Sarah and Me. Keep in mind that Annabel Grace is a gift, and like all gifts arrives unexpected and Will surprise us all with her potential and ours as it unfolds.€

Rob and Sarah, I said at your wedding that there are no problems that cannot be resolved and lived with creatively. As we all go through the various stages of shock, anger, depression, eventual acceptance and hope we do it in our own way.

Realise you are not alone. We are all with you.

And God is with us.

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