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The Grace to be Faithful

By Fr. Charles Rue

God the creator keeps faith with the universe forever
in the evolving journey of planets, plants and animals
loving humanity and guiding our journey
to become the saints God wants for our time.

Each person has a vocation under the Holy Spirit
to nurture family and serve their neighbor
sustaining scientists and martyrs dedicated to earth
so that it flowers as God has ordained.

Jesus taught parables about the dangers of pride
guiding people, church and national leaders in truth
to choose pathways that sustain hope
leading to true joy for the total Earth Community.

Aware of the frailties of human nature
the Gospel forms us to read the signs of the times
to act with respect and patience
fulfilling our particular vocation to be Good News.

Creator God, we pray for the gift to be faithful.

— Columban Fr. Charles Rue

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