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Grace of a Contrite Heart

Environmental encyclical

By Fr. Charles Rue

As a promise, God created a Chosen People
guiding them in deserts, freeing them from slavery
giving them a promised land as their home.
Today people flee eco-collapse in their homelands.

The scientific method discovers truth in the Spirit
calling us to respect findings on rapid climate change
to enter into dialogue without bias
to enact laws in compassion and justice.

Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son
and his father reaching out in forgiveness.
We are led to bury our pride and admit mistakes
to take the initiative in redressing harm.

New life flows from Gospel repentance.
Just as we rejoice in the prodigal son come to life
we celebrate the Pope's environmental encyclical
calling us to experience God in a new way of love.

Creator God, we pray for the grace of reconciliation.

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