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My Heart Rejoices

By Luda Egbalic

My heart was filled with gratitude and awe when I finished my first term mission in South Korea meaningfully and gracefully. Praise be to God and Mama Mary. My companion Jenanydel and I went home for our vacation, were reacquainted with our family, relatives and friends happily and meaningfully. Everything was a grace from our loving and generous God. My heart rejoices…

Columban Lay Missionary Luda Egbalic with students in Korea
Columban Lay Missionary Luda Egbalic (center) with students

During the first two months of my home vacation, I prayed and discerned and listened patiently to my heart’s desire and where the Holy Spirit is leading me. Unworthy as I am, I said “Yes, to renew for my 2nd term mission. My heart rejoices…”

Jenanydel and I returned to South Korea. I remember the first time I arrived in South Korea. That time, I felt strange, afraid and worried. This time, everything seemed familiar. We arrived at the airport and was met by Roberta Kim, the Columban lay missionary coordinator who welcomed us back with her smile that made us feel more comfortable and more at peace. My heart rejoices….

The Columbans in the region warmly welcomed us back. Meeting our old friends and new acquaintances brought back memories of our first term mission experiences which made me feel happier, more confident and more ready for my second term mission. My heart rejoices…

We are coming to the end of our 4-month Korean refresher language course. This has been both a “thorn and a rose” in my life in Korea, and it will forever test my humility and patience. I accept this challenge more optimistically this time around. My heart rejoices….

I do not know what lies ahead of me in my mission. I lovingly and humbly present myself to our loving God for His blessing. I am sincerely grateful to the Columbans for welcoming and trusting me.

“Let us be of Christ not of ourselves.” St. Columban, bless me. My heart rejoices…

Columban lay missionary Luda Egbalic lives and works in South Korea.

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