My Missionary Learnings

Lay Missionary Maopa Dulunaqio with Fr. loane Gukibau

By Maopa Dulunaqio

My name is Maopa Dulunaqio, a former lay missionary who worked in Peru for three years from 2001-2004. I was in the CLM Fiji group 7, which included Serafina Vuda (deceased), Gordon Smith, and Malia Mataele.

Hands clasped over Bible in family prayer

I returned to Fiji with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that added a twist in my life. My faith In God became firm. I gained an increased knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Gospel was enriched through my encounter with the people I journeyed with in Peru and the exposure to the diverse culture and new language that I had to learn. It also improved my communication skills and confidence, and the overwhelming love for the people whom I served. The experience personally developed a strong foundation for my future, both within my family, the Church, as well in the academic and professional career I chose.

I am now married with three lovely children and working as a stock controller in an international clothing factory. Being a working mum, I have a tight schedule. Time management is also one of the skills I acquired during mission, which has helped me in my role in leadership in my workplace and at home with my family.

I try and lead by example with my children, which has led them to be capable and responsible.

Together with my husband, we try every day to instill in our family the values of Jesus Christ through our constant prayer and daily life. My daily visitation experiences to families in Peru challenged me and my husband to achieve a sense of responsibility to build positive relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

We, as a family, involve ourselves in our small community, in the church activities and also with the Columban mission office during mission awareness and other Columban activities.

A family that prays together stays together.

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