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My Ocean

By Justice Ju

I am flying like a bird across the ocean
Sometimes I feel debilitated and depressed
I am trying and flying with my wings
Fighting the worst weather
I have to cross that ocean to be alive
I still have hope
Though I have difficulties
People think that oceans are infinite
But for me, there is an ending point
And there must be a beginning point
People may laugh at me for saying this
But you know, it is something that energizes me
And I accept it like a harmony
Barriers and envy teach me to do better things
Making me become a better person
As long as I have perseverance
No one can attack me
So, don't be so hard on yourself
And don't give up because of obstacles
Remind yourself again and again
You are the only one who can cross that ocean
Let's arrive at our destination with perseverance
Never give up.

Justice Ju is a third year student at the Columban founded and run Higher Education Center, Mandalay, Myanmar (formerly Burma).

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