A Positive to the Pandemic

Fr. Gabriel Rohas

By Fr. Gabriel Rojas

In 2017, due to pastoral circumstances, I lived in the parish's most impoverished area, the "Santos Arcángeles" in the district of San Martin de Porres; the "Jazmines de Naranjal" seeking to serve people better.

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we were forced to face the need for food that our people are experiencing. I was challenged to build bridges to respond to the jobless people.

Under this pandemic, I met Mrs. Belinda, secretary of the Begonia II settlement, an evangelical by confession. We brought food to help this settlement, and we also several times got clothes for the children of that area. Mrs. Bellinda, she used to call me: Mr. Gabriel, but at the end of the year, she called me Father Gabriel as a sign of trust and respect.

It has been a great blessing for me because, before the Covid 19, I only knew that settlement by name, and I did not have direct contact with the leaders. Being in touch with her and the rest of the leaders, we grew in mutual respect, improved our communication, built bridges, which benefited the poor, especially children of that sector.

Columban Fr. Gabriel Rojas lives and works in Peru.

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