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Creator of the Radiant Light

Columban Daily Prayer
July 11, 2021

Creator of the radiant light,
Dividing day from sable night;
Who, with the light's bright origin,
The world's creation did begin.
Who, of the morn and evening ray,
You measured light, and called it day;
Black night begins to cloud the spheres,
Vouchsafe to hear our sighs and tears.
While with our crimes we burdened are,
And falling prey to Satan's snare;
While fading pleasure us deceive,
Let not our souls our bodies leave.
Let us at heaven for mercy knock;
Let us the gates of life unlock:
Whatever's evil let us fly,
And punish past iniquity.
most clement Father, lend Your ear;
Co-equal Son, receive our prayer;
O Holy Spirit, hear our cry:
Who reign all three eternally.