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Help Me

Columban Daily Prayer
August 4, 2023

O most holy Virgin Mary,
assure me of my eternal salvation.
Never let me despair of the mercy of God.
Help me to overcome the evil spirits.
When I can no longer say,
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
I place my soul in your hands,"
say it for me.
When I can no longer hear
human words of consolation,
bring me comfort.
Stay with me when I stand
in judgment before your Son.
If I have to do penance
for my sins in purgatory,
pray for me after my death.
Inspire my friends to pray for me,
and thus help gain for me
very soon the happiness of being
in the presence of God.
Lead my soul to heaven where
united with all the elect,
I may bless and praise God
and yourself for all eternity.