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Holy Guardian Angel Prayer

Columban Daily Prayer
October 2, 2021

O Holy Angel, attendant of my wretched soul
and of my afflicted life, do not forsake me, a sinner,
or depart from me for my inconstancy.
Give no place to the evil demon to subdue me
with the oppression of this mortal body;
but take me by my outstretched hand,
and lead me in the way of salvation.
O Holy Angel of God, the guardian and protector
of my hapless soul and body, forgive me all things
that have troubled you, all the days of my life,
and if I have sinned in anything this day.
Shelter me in this present night,
and keep me from every affront of the enemy,
lest I anger God by any sin;
and intercede with the Lord on my behalf,
that He might strengthen me in the fear of Him,
and make me a worthy servant of His goodness.