May 9, 2022

O Mary, Mother of Mercy,
pray to your Divine Son for me, a poor sinner;
beg Him to make me humble.
Oh, how humble you are, the purest of Virgins;
my powerful mediator;
O most holy among the children of Adam,
who are the exalted Mother of God!
Behold, my dear heavenly Mother,
how gladly I would dedicate myself to your Divine Son,
that His Will may also be mine.
But my pride, my self-esteem, my vanity,
are always against me.
Mary, Refuge of Sinners,
I beg of you to grant me humility.
Behold my trials, my combats in this valley of tears!
O my dearest Mother,
if to be freed from this body would give glory to God,
how gladly would I not lay down my life.