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Prayer for Columbus Day

Columban Daily Prayer
October 10, 2022

Dear God,
We come to you today humbly praying
that You will empower us to use our vision
and our ability to explore new frontiers
in ways that are pleasing to You
and are empowering to all people.

As we celebrate Columbus Day, we pray
that we will use our talents and strengths
in ways that are pleasing to You.  
Make us willing to challenge false notions
about our world just as Columbus challenged
the false notions of his day that the world was flat.
Give us the courage to venture forth
on the missions on which You send us
when we are launching out into the unknown.
Help us believe that You will guide us
and provide for us, and will protect us and be with us.
Keep us close to You in prayer
and help us to fall on our knees in thankfulness
when we reach the places You are sending us.