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Prayer on the Feast of St. Columban

Columban Daily Prayer
November 26, 2021

Oh, St. Columban, who in your zeal to follow
Christ left your homeland as a wanderer
and spent your life in suffering and exile,
help and protect, we humbly ask you,
the missionaries of our day who have devoted
their lives to preaching the Gospel throughout
the world.
Obtain for them that same wisdom and fortitude
by which you overcame the dangers which beset your path,
and that firm faith and ardent love which enabled you
to endure gladly the privations of this life for the love of Christ.
Assist and protect us, also, dear St. Columban, so as to live
for God’s glory that when our pilgrimage is over, we may
share with you in the joy of our heavenly home,
Through Christ our Lord.