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Prayer to the Holy Family

Columban Daily Prayer
December 26, 2021

O Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus,
grant to our children a place in your pure maternal heart!
Spread over them your protecting mantle
when danger threatens their innocence;
keep them firm when they are about to stray 
from the path of virtue; and should they have the misfortune 
of falling into mortal sin, oh, then raise them up again,
reconcile them with your Divine Son
and restore them to Sanctifying Grace.

And you, O holy foster father St. Joseph,
do not abandon our children!
Protect them from the assaults of the wicked enemy
and deliver them from all dangers of soul and body.

O dear parents of the holy Child Jesus!
Intercede for us parents also,
that we may bring up our children
in the love and fear of God
and one day attain with them the Beatific Vision.