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Prayer to St. Ambrose

Columban Daily Prayer
December 7, 2021

May the life of Blessed Mary be ever present 
to our awareness.
In her, as in a mirror, the form of virtue 
and beauty of chastity shrine forth.
She was virgin, not only in body,
but in mind and spirit.
She never sullied the pure affection
of her heart by unworthy feelings.
She was humble of heart.
She was serious in her conversations.
She was prudent in her counsels.
She was preferred to pray rather than to speak.
She united in her heart the prayers of the poor
And avoided the uncertainty of worldly riches.
She was ever faithful to her daily duties,
Reserved in her conversations,
and always accustomed to recognize God
as the Witness of her thoughts.
Blessed be the name of Jesus.