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Prayer to St. Gregory Grassi

Columban Daily Prayer
July 8, 2023

St. Gregory Grassi, a devoted martyr and missionary,
you gave your life with 28 others to serve God
and our fellow brothers and sisters,
with selflessness and unwavering dedication.

We ask for your guidance and protection,
in our journey of faith.
Help us to proclaim the Gospel fearlessly,
and to extend Christ's love to all we encounter.

Intercede for us in times of doubt and uncertainty,
that we may find comfort in God's infinite mercy.
Through your powerful prayers, grant us strength,
to persevere in the face of adversity and tribulation.

St. Gregory Grassi, a valiant witness of Christ's truth,
we entrust ourselves to your care and intercession.
May our lives be a testament to God's grace,
and may we one day rejoice with you in heaven.