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Precious Bread of Heaven

Columban Daily Prayer
September 21, 2021

O Holy Tabernacle!
You enclosed the precious Bread of heaven,
the food of angels, the eucharistic manna of the soul.
My heart longs and sings for You, O good and gentle Jesus,
Who are hidden in the Blessed Sacrament!
You are my Lord, my God, and my all,
and You will graciously come to me this day in holy communion.
I adore You profoundly, with the angels who surround
Your altar-throne of mercy and compassion;
I bless You; I thank You for all the graces I have received
through the Holy Eucharist;
I am sorry for having offended You;
I love You now with all my heart.
I wish to offer this holy communion
in reparation for all the offences that have been committed
against You in the sacrament of Your love,
and especially in atonement for my own sins and negligence.
I shall approach the Holy table today
with the greatest confidence that You, O Lord,
wilt grant me all my requests.