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Daily Prayer Archive

April 19, 2016

Lord, thank you for the generous gifts of your love given without conditions, a love that does not count the cost. To all who open their hearts to you you never refuse the gift of your love. May our hearts rejoice in thanking you for the abundant goodness you share with us, for the love you give to all. Amen

April 18, 2016

Lord, as a water lily opens itself to the sun, so may we open our hearts to you, to give you thanks and praise. For like the sun shining down to nurture and give life, so you shine down on us with the light of countless blessings, blessings beyond measure.

April 17, 2016

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you in my heart, so full of unkindness, but only say the word and I shall be renewed. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you in my being, so full of selfish ways, but only say the word and I shall be healed. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you in my soul, so full of pride, but only say the word and I shall be made whole. Amen

April 16, 2016

Thank you, Lord, for the precious gift of my family. I ask you to bless them, protect them, and give them strength to cope with their own struggles in life. They have surrounded me with their love. Enfold them, Lord, in your loving care, this day and always. Amen

April 15, 2016

For the powerful who are enslaved by the fear of losing privilege or possessions, Free them from their fears, O God. For men and women in positions of responsibility who can influence and enrich the lives of others, Free them from their fears, O God. Make them strong to do your will, that your justice may be fulfilled in love. For the whole church and ourselves as members of it, For faithfulness in sharing in Christ’s work in the world, For obedience to the guiding of the Holy Spirit, Make us string to do you will, O God.

April 14, 2016

Oh God, for men and women who are homeless and unemployed, who feel useless and unwanted, Call us to solidarity with them. For women and children who are the victims of violence in their own homes, in the very place that should provide security and love, Call us to solidarity with them, of God. For exiles and refugees who have left behind home, family and country, Call us to solidarity with them, O God, that your justice may be fulfilled in love.

April 13, 2016

Lord, give us missionaries who have enthusiasm for the Gospel, zeal for the salvation of your people, courage in leadership, humility in service, hunger for justice, and a love of community with one another and with all their brothers and sisters in You.

April 12, 2016

O God, you are a just and loving parent, You brought us to birth. We pray for all your children For the many families in our country who are poor and have no power to change their lives, Call us to solidarity with them, O God. For parents who see their children sad and find no means to ease it, Call us to solidarity with them, O God. Amen.

April 11, 2016

My spirit watches for the potent moment, oh Lord, and in the midst of this celebration you are a throbbing presence. All of us are here. All of us are ready.

April 10, 2016

You show us the potency of people with a clear commitment; you scatter the energies of those who vacillate. You remove the moderators and the intercessors; you speak directly to those who speak to you. You provide answers for those who question; to those who know the answers, you are silent. You are here now, the Available One, for the work of these times, mindful of your continuing newness according to the traditions of all searching people… we come with open minds to accomplish the work of this day.

April 9, 2016

Holy is this work now beginning. Blessed is the first step. Blessed are those who, prepared, have the courage to begin. Blessed are you, Lord, the enabler of deeds great and simple for these people today. The fruit of this work offers nourishment to generation after generation for those who harvest it.

April 8, 2016

O Lord, pry me open to your spirit that lives within me and heal my soul from whatever I have done that is wrong. Heal me so I can fall in love with you and let me be in love with you every day of my life. And Lord, give me the freedom to be truly poor in spirit, so that being free to love myself in you, I may discover the gifts of your spirit in me, and use these gifts… not for myself, but to serve you in others all the days of my life. O Lord, send down your spirit and renew the face of the earth and let it begin with me. Amen.

April 7, 2016

Blessed are those who know that all they are is a gift from God, and so they can be content with their greatness and their smallness, knowing themselves and being true to themselves. For the earth is their heritage.

April 6, 2016

Dear Jesus, you met Mary Magdalene after you rose from the dead but at first she did not recognize you. She thought you were the gardener. At times I fail to realize your presence in my life. I get too busy making plans and doing things. I may get so concerned in my own worries that I forget the healing your presence gives. I am not attentive to you as you show yourself in the poor or those in need. Open my eyes, open my mind, open my heart. Amen – Fr. John Comiskey

April 5, 2016

Lord Jesus, heal me from the desire to run out of fear from what is beautiful on this earth, from nature and music and laughter and people. Heal my body from infirmities and make it well and strong and keep me safe on my journey thru life. Heal me from my fear of death so I can live each day with trust in you and experience each moment of life as your gift to me. Heal me from my burden of guilt and teach me how to forgive myself. Heal me from any hatred or anger or revenge in this life so I can receive the promise of life everlasting at the time of my death.


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