Daily Prayer Archive

Daughter of Israel, glory of all people.
Immaculate Maiden, joy of God.
Jesus has given you for our mother.
You are our Queen, pure

Thank you, O Lord, for doctors.
Give them insight and knowledge
tp understand and diagnose.
Steady their hand by Your strong hand.

My God, I love You;
not because I hope for heaven,
or fear being eternally lost.
You, O my Jesus,
embraced me upon the cros

Pour forth, Your grace into our hearts O Lord;
that as we know the incarnation of Christ,
Your Son by the message of an angel,
we ma

O Lady of Light, owner of all graces,
cover us with your mantle resplendent,
for you are the Light that Guides us
through darkness.

O Christ, our Lord,
Who beautified the most blessed Andrew
with the grace of apostleship,
and the crown of martyrdom,
by granti

We beg You, Lord, to be our help and our support.
Free us from our troubles; take pity on the lowly;
raise up those who have fallen;

Father of Mercy, forgive my failings,
keep me in Your Grace, and lead me
in the way of salvation.
Give me strength in serving You

Dear Jesus, Advent begins
on the last Sunday of November.
We prepare ourselves for Your coming
among us – for Your first coming

Lord, glorify Blessed James Alberione in your Church.
Let him be for all of us a light, guide and support
in the work of our sanctificati

Lord, may everything we do this day
begin with Your blessing and continue with Your help.

May everything we say this day

O Christ, our Morning Star,
Splendor of Light Eternal,
shining with the glory of the rainbow,
come and waken us
from the gr

Eternal Father,
turn away Your angry gaze from our guilty people
whose face has become unsightly in Your eyes.
Look instead upon the

Glory to You, O Lord our God,
Your love calls us to be Your people.
By sharing our many and diverse gifts
we share in Your mission.

Jesus, I firmly renounce the devil
and detest all sin that has torn me
from Your loving friendship.
I pledge my loyalty to You, my S