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Teakare Betero is a Columban seminarian.

A Thank You from a Columban Seminarian

By Teakare Betero

My name is Teakare Betero, age 28, and I have been with the Columbans for five years now. At the moment I am studying at the Pacific Regional Seminary. This seminary is the only place for theological study for the priesthood in Oceania (South Pacific).

Teakare Betero is a Columban seminarian.

Being with the Columbans for five years is similar to sailors who leave their families for five years working in the fishing boats until their contracts finish. Unlike the sailors, there are times during the school break I get to visit my family. My similar experienc to the sailors is that life in the formation house has some of the same challenges that sailors face at sea. There are times that the sea is so calm and pleasing, and there are also times when the sea is rough. My five years with the Columbans has been both smooth and rough sailing! There are times that I feel that this is a right place for me, and there are also moments when I wonder. There are also times when I feel that becoming a priest is not my call. This happened when I was faced with hardships, challenges and struggles.

I believe that what helped me through these five years is neither my strength nor my prayers alone. I have a strong feeling that my family’s prayers and also the Columban family’s prayers helped me. Without the support from my family and all Columban benefactors I would not have madeit this far. I come from an extended family of ten siblings. For the youngest in the family, everything is provided to them. Here I have to learn to live my life as an elder son or a provider. And for this I would like to thank the Columbans for all that they offer me in so many ways.

Both ships and seminarians need people to help guide them! I would like to thank all the Columban benefactors for all that they have contributed to the Society. Without your support I won’t be able to attend all the programs that are needed for my studies. God Bless …

Teakare Betero is a Columban seminarian.