A Prayer for Immigrants

July 10, 2022

O Jesus, who in the very first days of Your
earthly life was compelled, together with Mary,
Your loving Mother, and Saint Joseph,
to leave Your native land and to endure in Egypt
the misery and discomforts of poor immigrants.
Turn Your eyes upon our brethren,
who, far away from their dear country
and from all that is dear to them,
are not infrequently constrained to struggle
with the difficulties of a new life,
and who are likewise often exposed to grave dangers
and snares for their immortal souls.

Be their guide in their uncertain journey,
their help in trouble, their comfort in sorrow;
keep them safe in their faith, holy in their lives,
and faithful to their children, their wives,
and their parents; grant, O Lord, that we may
be able to embrace them affectionately once more
in their native land, and hereafter to live
inseparably united to them at the foot
of Your throne in our heavenly country.