We punish others for our lack of peace and then feel a thousand times worse. Lord, help me to smile, even clown. Help me to see the sunny side of life, to bathe in the glow of your joy, so I don’t take things out on others. I don’t want to be a glum Of course life can be hard and full of woes, but help me to see your smile in the face of a flower. Amen

Dear Jesus, At times I get caught up in my own hopes and plans. Give me the desire, will and strength to be attentive to the needs of others. In loving service, I will find my true self. Amen Amen

Oh, yes, Lord I can get proud all right, Contemptuous of others. I can seek out the limelight, And when I blow my own trumpet I like everyone to hear it. Oh, no, Lord Keep me from silly pride, From blowing my own trumpet So hard and loud That I make myself deaf To other’s needs. Let me blow your trumpet, Lord, Not my own. Amen

Lord, You work in mysterious ways. It’s not always easy To see the patterns You weave in life. Sometimes we see your plan, See your beauty, Like a web illumined By morning light, but not always. Sometimes we see things Our of focus, see them Without the light of your love. Help me, Lord, To understand your ways, And to delight in them. Amen

How can they be happy In the midst of misery? But they are! They play and laugh and joke Like children anywhere. And they still have a place for you In their hearts Lord, bless our children Here in the First World. May they realize That money isn’t everything. May they be freed From greed And be generous. Amen

How often, Lord, Would I wish To stretch across the miles And touch loved ones far away, Or be whisked on angel’s wings To their very side. Be with them in all they do, And when their hearts Grow lonely and homesick, When they long To see and hold their loved ones, Touch them, Lord, With the touch of your presence. Hold them in your embrace, Help them feel better, Knowing that in your love We are all close together. Amen

Lord, by the power Of your holy cross, Take away From my heart All hatred All bitterness, All false pride, All manipulation Of others. Fill my heart With your love, Heal all painful memories, Free me from all my sins And from every evil. Amen

Lord, I thank you. You love us all equally, With unswerving love, A love beyond measure. No matter how strong our faults, No matter how deep our sins, Your love is stronger, Deeper. Cherish my loved ones In you holy heart With your deepest of deep love. May they know your peace, With Our Lady And all the saints, And behold you face to face Forever and ever. Amen

It’s easy, to turn my back, To feel offended, hurt. Lord, ease my bitterness, My selfish sense Of hurt ego, dented pride. Let me replace them With a smile, a kind word. May I turn back to those Who need my love. Move my heart To care less for myself and more for others. Amen

Teach Me, Lord Often, Instead of loving you, I seem to fear you. I move away From your gaze, Not sure, Not ready to trust you. Like a little duckling I scurry away To hide in the reeds. Teach me, Lord, To turn to you with trust, To allow your holiness To come close to me, Not to be afraid. Teach me, Lord, to love you. Amen

So much in life Makes me feel Small Even trivial. I feel so dwarfed By this world, Powerful things Powerful people. Yet I know, Lord, That the least Are precious In your sight. Lord, help me, Small thought I be, To see you At the power In my life, The real force that raises me up, Makes me feel Worthy. Amen

Give me courage, Lord, To let go Past hurts And present fears. I leave my past To your mercy, And my present To your grace. Give me strength To face the future With your help. When I feel afraid, Lord, Unable to let go, Help me To gaze on you With trust. Help me To love you, Not to fear you.. Amen

Of our suffering world. Help me to be like you, You who stretched out your hands On the Cross And gave your all. Help me to be like you, For you hold me In the palm of your hand. Amen

You helped me when I was down, When I lifted my hands to you In earnest pleading. Lord, give me the grace To be gracious And generous To the pleading hands

As a bird flies naturally, Without having to think, Without being conscious Of what it is doing, Simply enjoying the moment, So I wish, Lord, To be like a bird in prayer, To soar towards you Without thinking too hard, To sense the movement of your Spirit, As a bird senses the flow of air, And moves accordingly. And give your all. Lord, make me sensitive to your Spirit. May I fly to you in prayer, Enjoy the wonder of your presence, Know that you surround me, That you support me, with love. Amen