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Daily Prayer Archive

April 9, 2016

Holy is this work now beginning. Blessed is the first step. Blessed are those who, prepared, have the courage to begin. Blessed are you, Lord, the enabler of deeds great and simple for these people today. The fruit of this work offers nourishment to generation after generation for those who harvest it.

April 8, 2016

O Lord, pry me open to your spirit that lives within me and heal my soul from whatever I have done that is wrong. Heal me so I can fall in love with you and let me be in love with you every day of my life. And Lord, give me the freedom to be truly poor in spirit, so that being free to love myself in you, I may discover the gifts of your spirit in me, and use these gifts… not for myself, but to serve you in others all the days of my life. O Lord, send down your spirit and renew the face of the earth and let it begin with me. Amen.

April 7, 2016

Blessed are those who know that all they are is a gift from God, and so they can be content with their greatness and their smallness, knowing themselves and being true to themselves. For the earth is their heritage.

April 6, 2016

Dear Jesus, you met Mary Magdalene after you rose from the dead but at first she did not recognize you. She thought you were the gardener. At times I fail to realize your presence in my life. I get too busy making plans and doing things. I may get so concerned in my own worries that I forget the healing your presence gives. I am not attentive to you as you show yourself in the poor or those in need. Open my eyes, open my mind, open my heart. Amen – Fr. John Comiskey

April 5, 2016

Lord Jesus, heal me from the desire to run out of fear from what is beautiful on this earth, from nature and music and laughter and people. Heal my body from infirmities and make it well and strong and keep me safe on my journey thru life. Heal me from my fear of death so I can live each day with trust in you and experience each moment of life as your gift to me. Heal me from my burden of guilt and teach me how to forgive myself. Heal me from any hatred or anger or revenge in this life so I can receive the promise of life everlasting at the time of my death.

April 4, 2016

Oh Lord, heal me from the words of others that have cut so deep into my person that I am no longer able to set in freedom or speak in my behalf. Heal me from the physical injuries that have been inflicted upon me as a child when I was defenseless and as an adult when I was overpowered. Heal me from the anger I inflict upon myself for the mistakes I make and my lack of goodness. Heal me from the self-pity I allow in my life as an excuse for not trying.

April 3, 2016

Lord Jesus, heal me from the injuries of misunderstanding when others decided what I meant to do .. or why I acted as I did. Heal me from the injuries of childhood tenderness, when I was unable to defend myself .. or explain myself .. or know that I was doing wrong Heal me from the injuries of adolescent foolishness when I was judged as an adult for things I carelessly did. Heal me from the injuries of those who watched for my mistakes and laughed at me as I stumbled in life. Heal me from the hurt of my accusers as they pointed to my sins and repeated them to my friends.

April 2, 2016

Heal me from everything that happened in the past that has made me self-conscious and has kept me bound. Heal me from the wounds of people who have laughed at me ore pointed out my faults in an unkind way. Heal me from the wounds of words that were spoken unkindly and the criticism that was meant to hurt me.

April 1, 2016

Lord Jesus, heal me as you healed your disciples when they were afraid, when they were locked in that upper room, when they were locked within themselves. Heal me of all the fears in my life. The fears that I have inflicted upon myself or those inflicted by others. Heal me from the fears of being laughed at and ridiculed because I love you, the fears of being rejected because I keep your commands. The fears of making a fool of myself by doing what is right. Heal me and set me free to give your love away and not to think of myself or how it might hurt me.

March 31, 2016

Blessed are those who are hungry for goodness, those who never get enough of God and truth and righteousness. For they shall be satisfied.

March 30, 2016

Blessed are the merciful, those who remember how much has been forgiven them, and are able to extend this forgiveness into the lives of others. For they too shall receive God’s mercy.

March 29, 2016

Blessed are those who know that all they are is a gift from God, and so they can be content with their greatness and their smallness, knowing themselves and being true to them- selves. For the earth is their heritage.

March 29, 2016

Blessed are those who are convinced of their basic dependency on God, whose lives are emptied of all that doesn’t matter, those for whom the riches of this world just aren’t that important. For the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

March 28, 2016

Blessed are those who wear compassion like a garment, those who have learned how to find themselves by losing themselves in another’s sorrow. For they too shall receive comfort.

March 27, 2016

Blessed are the creators of peace, those who build roads that unite rather than walls that divide, those who bless the world with the healing power of their presence. For they shall be called children of God.


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