As Christmas draws near my thoughts go back to 1973 and 1974 when I was in Korea.


The catechumenate is the period of preparation for baptism that adults go through.


Noisily he made his haggard way 
down the corridor to the departure gate
a gimp exuding anger.
Taking a seat he announced under his breath


The night is ending, darkness making way for light, winter has gone, and spring is here.


My missionary journey in Ireland was the highlight of my entire career and my greatest accomplishment in life.


I have been attending a training of trainers at the Methodist Conference Center. I was unhappy with the sleeping arrangements.


The river came out of the ground underneath the rocks
We watched and wondered where it came from
Drank it, used it for cooking
Washed ourselves


The parish church of Jimenez is considered a national heritage building one of only two from Mindanao, the Philippines, the other is in Jasaan (next stop). It is said to…


My journey in Korea as a Columban Lay Missionary can be compared with my first experience of the FOUR SEASONS – Spring, Summer, fall, and winter.


After spending over a year in India from February 1979 to March 1980 I began to understand the reverence that Hindus gave to the cow and the importance for them of not…


The presence of immigrant spouses in Korea, together with the even larger population of immigrant laborers, has challenged the long-held homogeneous Korean society. With…


I have been studying the Fijian language for almost 3 months now. It is great to have a chance now to learn the Fijian language and culture.