In January 2019 I returned to Taiwan with my husband Jung-Woong Bosco as a Columban lay missionary couple.  At the moment, I’m completing month seven of a full year, full-…


God the creator keeps faith with the universe forever
in the evolving journey of planets, plants and animals
loving humanity and guiding our journey


In the dangerous southern island of Mindanao in the Philippine archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, martial law reigns.


I’m doing missionary work with the mentally and physically challenged individuals at St.


I feel as much on Columban mission here in Sydney as I ever did in Lahore, Pakistan, if not more so, and it is usually in the ordinary encounters of every day.


At last, I am back in Korea, my home country. I returned in March 2019 and threw myself into the surging waves of work awaiting me as the new Columban Lay Missionary (CLM…


I am a butterfly,
Know that I like Flying among colorful flowers But now, I won’t do like this I offer to you…My lord.


Mani Ram told me today that he had just had a terrifying experience.


"Quit being a lemon and make some lemonade in these straitened times," a journalist urged in a recent article.


One of the striking aspects of spending four months in San Antonio, Texas, is the very Hispanic/Mexican feel of the city as well as the way it manages its social…


What greater duty does any person of integrity have than to speak the truth about that which is morally wrong, unjust and despicable?


A couple of years ago, before starting the Christmas Mass, in a chapel in the southern area of the archdiocese of Santiago, Chile, a family arrived with their children.