Learning a new language is only part of the challenge for missionaries. Local people have their own cultural values and see things differently from outsiders.


A few years ago, I was enrolled in a university in Wuhan, China.


Savenaca Momo from Nadelei in Ba Province, Fiji, is the epitome of a gentle giant. He joined the first team of Columban lay missionaries to leave Fiji.


In Memory of Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan


The Columban Missionary Society which was originally founded for mission in China finally ordained its first Chinese Columban at the beginning of 2020.


This video production by Preda Foundation shows the life and recovery of the teenagers who were rescued from human traffickers and the horrors of abuse and sexual…


In 1970 I was a theology student at our Columban seminary in Ireland and worked in our book store.


God takes us beyond what our minds can imagine beyond the limits we put on our hearts knowing that the cosmos and all earth creatures are brother and sister as St. Francis…


The latest letter of Pope Francis, his Encyclical, Fratelli Tuttii “Brothers and Sisters All,” is one that should touch every heart, stimulate our minds, awaken our…


When we look at the scene of the baptism of Jesus as depicted by Christian artists the important figures seem to be Jesus, John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descending…


The dawn has broken through
The fears and snares of darkness
Are shattered, scattered, put to rout
Hold your head up high, oh man,


The providence of God gives earth its seasons.
The equinox sun sets glory over the equator
radiates tempering flowers south and colors north