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Fr. Pat Visanti Aids Flood Victims in St. Thomas the Apostle Parish


Christian families living in tents after flooting

By Fr. Pat Visanti

Boy carries bag of flour surrounded by flood waterSt. Thomas the Apostle Parish is located in a rural city called Badin. It is about a three-hour drive from Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi. There are about 400 plus families in the parish, and most of our people here are farmers and daily wage workers who come from poor families, who depend on their earnings for the day to provide for their families. Due to the heavy rain and flooding, most of the crops have been destroyed meaning the majority of the people won’t have easy access to food and work for the coming months. They will totally depend on the generosity and love of others who can provide for them. 

In terms of infrastructure damage, thank God many of our peoples’ homes are ok compared to many other places in Sindh. Two villages in the parish were badly affected where people lost houses, and the village was surrounded by water. The rest of the villages have partially damaged houses and crops. Seven homes are completely destroyed by the rain and around 55 houses partially damaged. People will need proper shelter for the long run and food assistance while they try to rebuild their lives. 

We have provided around 60 food packages for families who are in real need and are still giving out more. We are grateful to Columban benefactors for their generous support to us in the mission which enable us to carry out the work we are doing at this time of need. The people affected are very appreciative of your kindness and love.