Weekly Prayer Archive

autumn prayer


The golden glow of a late autumn afternoon
brightens leafless tree limbs.
Joy lingers in the memory of sunny days from long ago.
A warmth remains to bear the coming winter’s cold
and imagine spring’s new life.
Help me dear Lord be aware
of your faithful presence wherever I am.



— By Columban Fr. John Comiskey

There is a certain rhythm in our life cycle
of  birth, growth, aging and death.

With the pandemic,  this passing of  stages
in  life  has been abruptly changed for so
many  people.

Lord, help us at this time when  our brothers
and  sisters are in pain   and dealing
with sickness and loss  due to the 
corona virus

Let us know in a deeper  gift, that You  are
with us;new  even in this time of    uncertainty
and illness.

We place this  prayer in the loving hands
of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.


— By a Columban Missionary

Most merciful and Triune God,
We come to you in our weakness.
We come to you in our fear.
We come to you with trust.
For you alone are our hope.

We place before you the disease present in our world.
We turn to you in our time of need.

Bring wisdom to doctors. Give understanding to scientists.
Endow caregivers with compassion and generosity.
Bring healing to those who are ill.
Protect those who are most at risk.
Give comfort to those who have lost a loved one.
Welcome those who have died into your eternal home.

Stabilize our communities.
Unite us in our compassion.
Remove all fear from our hearts.
Fill us with confidence in your care.

Jesus, I trust in you.
Jesus, I trust in you.
Jesus, I trust in you.


— By a Columban Lay Missionary

Lord of all creation, we are reminded in this month of October
of your call to your followers, that, through our baptism
we have been made sharers in the mission of the Church
to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

Through different times in human history you have invited us
to share in the task of transforming our world so that people
of all nations and cultures may have the opportunity
of experiencing the saving love and mercy of your Son Jesus Christ.

The world of today is torn by division, conflict and mistrust
and the planet on which we depend for our survival is threatened
with extinction through greed and ignorance of the consequences
of not preserving the gift of creation which you have bequeathed to humankind.

Empower us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be courageous
and zealous in bearing witness to the Gospel.
Grant to leaders of different nations a listening ear, to hear the cries
of the poor and afflicted in their midst, that people everywhere may share
in the riches of your creation and  become partakers in the task
of making all things new in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever.


-- By Fr. Bernie McDermott

My Jesus, I desire to receive You into my soul.
I know that I am not worthy, but I come to You,
my Divine Physician, with humble faith
like the sick people in the Gospel. 
Only say the word and I shall be healed.
Through this virtual Communion let me draw life
from You and be able to love and serve You better.
May Your kingdom come in my heart and in all the world.

God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit -
let my life and leadership
reflect your influence.
Give me the strength to lead like Jesus,
focused on doing the Father's will
and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
In Jesus' name we pray.


Pulsating through our world, oceans and land
the tropics and artic, our home
flows the presence of God
loving a myriad of creation faces.

Embracing every species in its habitat
with a niche for the smallest
a preferred place for ones pushed to the side – 
the Spirit lives in every atom, life and species.

Jesus taught to look to the flowers of the fields
beautiful outpourings of God’s self-giving
cared for in loving kindness, fragile
at risk without the aid of friends.

God’s covenant promise
imbedded in earth as our common home
is the Good News that heals and satisfies
gives hope and happiness.

Creator God,
we pray in thanks for earth as our common home.

– Columban Fr. Charles Rue

Gracious God. Hear this our prayer in these disturbing times.
We ask you to hear the sounds of those who are
gasping for each breath in hospitals, nursing homes
and old age facilities, and those suffering alone
on the streets of our cities and towns.

Reach out with your healing power
to those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

Be present to the doctors, nurses and front line carers
who are exhausted from their efforts
in this time of a pandemic that threatens
the lives of so many of your people worldwide.

Strengthen with your wisdom our public government
and health officials who are seeking ways to stop and control
the spread of this virus by encouraging their citizenry
to be calm, reflective and obedient to the restrictions
imposed for the benefit of all.

We make this prayer in your most holy name.


— Columban Fr. Mike Dodd

It is difficult to make sense of what is happening
in our world suffering from the virus. 
We might be tempted to feel abandoned. 
But give us the confidence, Lord,
that out of all this can come a deeper knowing
of your love and care for us. 
Yes, we are vulnerable but may that vulnerability
open us to a deeper sense of your presence in our lives.


– By a Columban Missionary

Dear Jesus,
I thank you from my heart
for the health and safety of my children.
It feels so good to see them full of life and happiness.
They are so precious to me and I want them to be safe and well.
We are now keeping ‘social distance’ from other people
to protect our own health and the health of the whole community.
I know I cannot expect them to accept this sudden change in our lives.
They are getting impatient with the extra restrictions.
And I am growing impatient with them.
Give me the wisdom I need to bear with them,
when they say they are bored and I think they are selfish.
And when they act up help me remember they too are fearful.
Help us all be reassured by your presence among us.


  Columban Fr. John Burger, U.S. Regional Director

Lord, during this time of anxiety and distress
our patience can run thin. 
Yet deep within us we know
that we can place our trust in you. 
You provide us with the strength we need. 
You do not burden us with any force
that we cannot overcome. 
Sustain us Lord with your overwhelming kindness.


– By a Columban Missionary

Lord you are my light and my salvation. 
Whom or what should we fear? 
As we hear in Paul’s letter to the Romans,
nothing that exists not any power nor any created thing
can come between us and the love of God
made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord. 
At this time of distress and anxiety,
help us, Lord, to trust that your love overcomes all.


– By a Columban Missionary

We have many problems and difficulties
that make us fearful at this time. 
Lord, help us to have trust in your loving presence. 
With that confidence no evil force can overcome us. 
We remember the words in the psalm,
“Taste and see how good the Lord is,
Happy the one who takes refuge in him.”  
Lord you are our refuge and our strength.


– By a Columban Missionary

Lord, this year we may not have been able
to celebrate your Resurrection as we would have wanted. 
But we are reminded that your Resurrection
came after much suffering. 
Help us to accept our anxiety and suffering
during the time of this virus so that we might
be prepared to accept the transforming power
of your resurrection in our lives.


– By a Columban Missionary

“This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad.” 
Sometimes it is difficult to pray that wonderful prayer.  
That may be true for many of us during this time
of isolation and fear of the virus. 
Yet I know, Lord, that you have a special purpose for me today. 
Give me the peaceful confidence
that everything works together for my good. 
Despite problems today, is a gift that I can share in some way.


– By a Columban Missionary