We fly to your patronage, O holy Mother of God;
despise not our petitions in our necessities,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.


Lord, You have chosen the weak to shame the strong.
As St. Paul says about God working through him
“My grace is sufficient for You, for my power
is made perfect in weakness. “
But when all is going well I can take credit
for my good fortune.
I can feel self-sufficient.
I am strong.
Then some misfortune happens to me.
I am no longer in control.
Quite simply I am reminded again that it is You
working through my weaknesses that is my vocation.

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus and our Mother,
we believe in your triumphant assumption into heaven
where the angels and saints acclaim you as Queen.

We join them in praising you and bless the Lord
who raised you above all creatures.
With them we offer you our devotion and love.

We are confident that you watch over our daily efforts and needs,
and we take comfort from the faith in the coming resurrection.

We look to you, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
After this earthly life, show us Jesus,
the blest fruit of your womb,
O kind, O loving, O sweet virgin Mary.

O Lord Jesus Christ, who said,
"greater love than this no man has
that a man lay down his life for his friends,"
through the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe
whose life illustrated such love,
we ask You to answer our prayers.

Grant, O Lord Jesus,
that we too may give ourselves entirely
without reserve to the love
and service of our Heavenly Queen
in order to better love
and serve our fellow man
in imitation of Your humble servant, Maximilian.


O Jesus, remembering Your death and resurrection,
those elected offer to You the bread and the chalice,
giving thanks to You, who has made them worthy
to stand before You and to serve as Your priests.
And they pray that You would send Your Holy Spirit
to the oblation of Your Holy Church.
In their gathering together,
give to all those who partake of Your holy mysteries
the fullness of the Holy Spirit,
toward the strengthening of the faith in truth,
that all may praise You and glorify You,
through Your son Jesus Christ,
through whom to You be glory and honor,
Father and Son,
with the Holy Spirit,
in Your Holy Church,
now and throughout the ages of the ages.


O my Savior, I resolve with Your Divine assistance,
to follow Your desires and Your ordinances,
without regarding or examining why You did this rather than that;
but I will blindly follow You
according to Your Divine will,
without seeking my own inclinations.

Dear St. Clare, patroness of communications,
we ask you to hear our prayers in our present-day crisis.
Awaken us to the dangers our families are exposed to.

Support all parents as they strive to raise their children
to recognize goodness, truth and the value of the Gospel.

St. Clare, close friend of Jesus, hear our prayers.

O Glorious St Lawrence, model of Christian fortitude,
I implore you in your loving kindness
to pray for me before the throne of God.
To you I have recourse in the problems
that daily surround me.

O Prince of Peace, to all who receive You,
You bright light and peace.
Help me to live in daily contact with You,
listening to the words You have spoken and obeying them.
O Divine Child, I place my hands in Yours;
I shall follow You.
Oh, let Your Divine life flow into me.

I will go unto the Altar of God.
It is not myself and my tiny little affairs that matter here,
but the great sacrifice of atonement.
I surrender myself entirely to Your Divine will, O Lord.
Make my heart grow greater and wider,
out of itself into the Divine Life.

O my God, fill my soul with holy joy,
courage and strength to serve You.
Enkindle Your love in me
and then walk with me
along the next stretch of road before me.

How wondrous are the marvels of your love,
We are amazed, we stammer and grow dumb,
for word and spirit fail us.

We turn to you for protection,
holy Mother of God.

Listen to our prayers
and help us in our needs.

Save us from every danger,
glorious and blessed Virgin.

O glorious St. Cajetan,
you studied to be a lawyer,
but when you felt that the Lord was calling you
to his service, you abandoned everything
and became a priest.
You excelled in virtues, shunning all
material rewards for your labor,
helping the many unemployed people of your time.
You provided loans without interest
and you attracted many benefactors
who donated to your resources
so that you could go on with your activities.
Look on us with mercy.
We wish to find employment that could help us
and our families live with dignity.
Listen to our petitions, dear saint;
you, who could easily give up the food on your table
for the needy, bring our petitions to Jesus we pray.


O God, who on the holy mount revealed
to chosen witnesses Your well-beloved Son,
wonderfully transfigured, in raiment white and glistening.
Mercifully grant that we, being delivered
from the disquietude of this world, may by faith
behold the King in his beauty; who with You,
O Father, and you, O Holy Spirit, lives and reigns,
one God for ever and ever.


Lord, I am truly sorry for having offended You.
How often have I professed my love for You
and how often I have failed miserably.
Now I ask You to wash me even more
from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sins.

Create a clean heart within me and in spite
of all my weaknesses may I be able to say
with St. Peter: “You know that I love You,”
and want to love and please You always and in all things.

Dear Saint John Vianney,
your childhood dream was to be a Priest,
to win souls for God.
You endured years of toil and humiliation
to attain the Priesthood.
You became a priest truly after God's own heart,
outstanding in humility and poverty;
prayer and mortification.
Totally devoted to the service of God's people.
The Church has exalted you as model
and patron saint of all Parish priests,
trusting that your example and prayers
will help them to live up
to the high dignity of their vocation
to be faithful servants of God's people,
to be perfect imitators of Christ the Savior
Who came not to be served but to serve,
to give His Life in ransom for many.

Lord, You touched the suffering
when others kept their distance,
to make them whole again.

Touch me now with Your healing love,
make me whole again.

Lord, You wished to comfort those heavy
and overburdened with cares,
so they could find rest for their souls.

Comfort me now, to lighten my cares,
help me to feel precious in Your sight.

Lord, come close to me, touch me.


-By Columban Fr. Patrick Sayles