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Daily Prayer Archive

June 8, 2020

Lord you are my light and my salvation. 
Whom or what should we fear? 
As we hear in Paul’s letter to the Romans,
nothing that exists not any power nor any created thing
can come between us and the love of God
made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord. 
At this time of distress and anxiety,
help us, Lord, to trust that your love overcomes all.


– By a Columban Missionary

June 7, 2020

Dear Holy Trinity, united in perfect love,
All Three of You co-existed in one Being.
Oh, Holy Trinity, come down upon me
for I, Your poor miserable servant call upon You.

Oh Father, You are mighty
and have done great things for me.
I am Your servant.
Use me as You wish.
O, loving, caring, Jesus,
You have saved me from total damnation.
How shall I repay You?
Love, Peace and Joy?
Dearest Holy Spirit, without You I would be lost.
You give me the strength I need.
Holy Trinity, I submit myself to You.


June 6, 2020

O holy St Norbert, gentlest of saints,
your love for Jesus Christ
truly present in every tabernacle around the world
and your charity for souls made you worthy
while on earth to possess miraculous powers.
Miracles waited your word,
which you were always ready to speak
for those in trouble or anxiety.
Encouraged by this thought,
I implore you to intercede for me
so that my prayers will be answered.

The answer may require a miracle;
even so, you are the saint of miracles.
O gentle and loving St Norbert,
whose heart was always full of zeal for souls,
whisper my petition into the ears of the Infant Jesus,
and the gratitude of my heart will always be yours.

June 5, 2020

We have many problems and difficulties
that make us fearful at this time. 
Lord, help us to have trust in your loving presence. 
With that confidence no evil force can overcome us. 
We remember the words in the psalm,
“Taste and see how good the Lord is,
Happy the one who takes refuge in him.”  
Lord you are our refuge and our strength.


– By a Columban Missionary

June 4, 2020

O Almighty and Eternal God,
look upon the Face of Your Son Jesus.
We present It to You with confidence
to implore Your pardon.
The All-Merciful Advocate opens His mouth
to plead our cause; listen to His cries,
behold His tears, O God,
and through His infinite merits
hearken to Him when He intercedes
for us poor miserable sinners.


June 3, 2020

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Heart of my Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe,
I unite to your purity,
your sanctity, your zeal and your love,
all my thoughts, words, acts,
and sufferings this day,
that there may be nothing in me
that does not become through you,
a pleasure to Jesus, a gain to souls,
and an act of reparation
for the offenses against your Heart.

June 2, 2020

Blessed Apostle Peter,
to whom God has given the keys of the kingdom of Heaven,
and the power to bind and loose,
grant that we may be delivered through the help
of your intercession from the bonds of our sins.
O, Holy Shepherd, Prince of the Apostles,
pray for us that we may be made worthy
of the promises of Christ.

June 1, 2020

God our Father,
may we always profit by the prayers
of the Virgin Mother Mary,
for You bring us life and salvation
through Jesus Christ her Son
Who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God,
for ever and ever.


May 31, 2020

“This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad.” 
Sometimes it is difficult to pray that wonderful prayer.  
That may be true for many of us during this time
of isolation and fear of the virus. 
Yet I know, Lord, that you have a special purpose for me today. 
Give me the peaceful confidence
that everything works together for my good. 
Despite problems today, there is a gift that I can share in some way.


– By a Columban Missionary

May 30, 2020

Help us to see, in our ordinary difficulties and duties,
in the trials and temptations of every day,
the best opportunity of making up for past infidelities.
Every day we are so often reminded in field and wood,
in sky and stream, of Your own boundless generosity to us.
Help us to realize that You are never outdone in generosity,
and that the least thing we do for You will be rewarded,
full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and flowing over.
Then we shall see, in our own souls,
how the desert can blossom,
and the dry and wasted land can bring forth the rich,
useful fruit that was expected of it from the beginning.


May 29, 2020

Lord show me how to be strong and patient
in this time of difficulty. 
We have been challenged to live
separated from our loved ones. 
We are asked to sacrifice our freedom
to move around as we might like. 
We remember that in Your time of trial
You were separated from Your loved ones. 
But You showed what it means to love
during a time of trial. 
Help us to accept this time of separation
that we might come closer to our loved ones. 
May we love as You loved on Your lonely way to Calvary.


– By a Columban Missionary

May 28, 2020

My Jesus, I believe that You are present
in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things
and I desire You in my soul.
Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
As though You were already there,
I embrace You and unite myself wholly to You;
permit not that I should ever be separated from You.

May 27, 2020

O Lord our God, who by your Son Jesus Christ called your Apostles
and sent them forth to preach the Gospel to the nations:

We bless Your holy name for Your servant Augustine,
first Archbishop of Canterbury,
whose labors in propagating Your Church
among the English people we commemorate today.

And we pray that all whom you call and send
may do Your will, and bide your time,
and see your glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

May 26, 2020

Mary, I love you.
Mary, make me live in God,
with God, and for God.
Draw me after you, Holy Mother.
O Mary, may your children persevere in loving you.
Mary, Mother of God and mother of mercy,
pray for me and for the departed.
Mary, Holy Mother of God,
be our helper.
In every difficulty and distress,
come to our aid, O Mary.
O Queen of Heaven,
lead us to eternal life with God.
Mother of God, remember me,
and help me always to remember you.
O Mary, conceived without sin,
pray for us who have recourse to you.
Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we
may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray to Jesus for me.

May 25, 2020

O God, who glorified Your Church
by the learning of blessed Bede,
Your Confessor and Doctor,
mercifully grant to Your servants
to be enlightened by his wisdom,
and helped by his merits.
Through Lord Jesus Christ,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Ghost,
world without end.



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