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Daily Prayer Archive

Merciful Lord Jesus, Our Savior,
hear the prayers and petitions of Your unworthy
sinful servants who humbly call upon You
and make us…

O good Jesus!
O Jesus our Redeemer,
do not abandon us as our sins deserve,
but hear our humble prayer
and grant what we ask

Behold, O good and sweet Jesus,
I fall to my knees in Your sight,
and with the most ardent desire of my soul
I pray and ask You to fill…

I hope to love You for all eternity. O Eternal God!
Oh that I had always loved You!
Oh that I had died rather than have offended You!

God our Father, You made each of us
to receive our gifts in the Body of Christ.

We ask that You inspire young people
whom You call…

Lord, we entrust to Your care the concerns
of our planet, praying for the protection
of the environment and the responsible stewardship…

Heavenly Father, on this World Day of Prayer,
we come before You with hearts united in faith and love.
Bless those who suffer from…

Lord, this time of fasting has opened to us the gates of paradise.
Let us accept it by praying and asking that on the day of resurrection

Favor this dwelling, Lord, with your presence.
Far from it repulse all the wiles of Satan.
Your holy angels, let them live here,
to keep…

Lord, You are compassion and forgiveness.
Teach me Your ways that I may be
compassionate as You are compassionate.
Show me how to walk…

Father, our source of life,
I reach out with joy to grasp Your hand;
let me walk more readily in Your ways.
Guide me in Your gentle mercy…

O Holy Spirit,
Spirit of truth, come into our hearts;
shed the brightness of Your light upon the nations,
that they may please You in…

Lord, make this person a true evangelist of Yours,
by having repented and given up all sin and sinful ways,
by having accepted Jesus as the…

Grant to us, O Lord our God,
the power to implore Your healer and bishop,
St. Polycarp the wondrous.

O Lord Jesus Christ,
the Son…