March/April 2017


March 2017

By Fr. Tim Mulroy

"What do you know about Ireland?" I asked the third grade class that was excited to have just learnt that I was from there. "St.


By Columban Fr. Frank Hoare

In my early days as a missionary in Fiji, I worked mainly among the Hindu Indo-Fijians around the town of Labasa.


By Angie Escarsa

In the history of human life suffering is what every person will encounter in their lifetime.


By Columban Fr. Frank Hoare

Ethnic Indian people are traditionally obsessed with matters of pollution and purity. Purity is a central value in the culture. The caste system in India is based on this…


By Sr. Eileen Rabbitte

I still have vivid memories of my first awakening in Lima, Peru, on June 24, 1971.


By Columban Fr. William Lee

It was about three in the afternoon on a Tuesday.


By Sr. Young Mi Choi

My name is Sr.


By Columban Fr. Tomas King

When I was sixteen years old, my father was diagnosed with cancer and died ten weeks later.


By Columban Fr. Kurt Zion Pala

Now that I'm home, I realized I do not have a room to call my own. My room is the bag I carry on my back every time I move from one mission to another.


By Ger Sampson

I started to write these two poems last year during a workshop training on poetry writing in my ministry with asylum seekers.