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October 2017


October 2017

By Fr. Frank Hoare

Columban Fr. Frank Hoare shared this page from his missionary diary:

April 16, 1992


By Fr. Joe Brooder

Word came into the church that a homeless man was sleeping rough under Sotohori Bridge, in Japan. The local Church group looking after the homeless went to visit him.


Fr. Patrick Colgan

In late January 2017, Columban Fr. Pat Colgan (General Councillor with responsibility for Myanmar) and Columban Fr.


By Fr. Bobby Gilmore

After every atrocity in the global city there are days of discussion and debate as to why such acts are happening.


By Judith Condor

Before sharing some memories of my experience as a lay missionary, I would like to thank the Columban Fathers for giving me the opportunity to live one of the greatest…


By Fr. Kurt Zion Pala

I used to work with the prison ministry as a seminarian, visiting the national penitentiary called Bilibid, a place for the "rejected and discarded," both young and old…


By Salustino Villalobos Mondragon

One afternoon while walking from work to the house, I met some people I did not know, and one of them was very helpful. A local deputy asked me where I was going.


By Arleene B. Vallahermosa

The generosity of God's love and that of the Columban Fathers who have gone before us starting with Galvin, Blowick and companions up to those who are still with us at…


By Louis Ybanez

When I lived in Pakistan I was part of the 1.6 percent who are Christians in this predominantly Muslim country which has an estimated 203 million people.

By Fr. Tim Mulroy

Though she herself readily admitted that she couldn't sing, Gloria participated in the church choir every Sunday.


By Sr. Redempta Twomey

Every new beginning entails a risk and the possibility of change. Not all of us welcome risk or change; we may be fearful or lazy, reluctant to leave our comfort zone.